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Tips and Tricks:

You just need to remember to use short message phrases in "the first person" (i.e. "I am a positive thinker" instead of "You are a positive thinker.").

Below are some sample scripts that demonstrate how to create your subliminal message:

Script Used to Create a "Lose Weight" Subliminal Recording: use one phrase or several at a time.
I can lose weight
I am losing weight
I am slim
I am losing weight naturally
I will always be slim now
I am always a slim, consistent weight
Every day I get thinner
Each day I lose weight
I always eat healthily
I will stay slim forever
I only eat healthy food
I have the willpower to lose weight
I am determined to succeed
I will achieve my weight loss target
I am motivated to lose weight
Losing weight is easy
I enjoy the weight loss process
My metabolism is increasing
I burn calories quickly
I enjoy eating healthy food
I eat a healthy diet
Getting slim is easy
People love my slimmer body
I love losing weight
I love my slim body
I take care of my body

Script Used to Create a "Improve Creativity" Subliminal Recording:  use one phrase or several at a time.
I am extremely creative
New ideas come easily to me
My imagination is limitless
My creativity is limitless
Ideas flow freely into my mind
I am always creating exciting ideas
I always have new creative ideas
My creative potential is limitless
I overflow with imagination and creativity
New ideas come naturally to me
I am always open to new ideas
My mind is always engaged creatively
I always think in a creative way in life
I bring my ideas to life
My creativity increases every day